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Having logged on to our site, and getting known about the issue, it would be incomplete if you logout without getting known about the role of Nutrition in Muscular Dystrophy. So here?s some for you.

Nutritional Recommendations for patients with Muscular Dystrophy:

Patients diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy will receive steroids as part of their treatment. However, it is well known that steroids can produce weight gain by means of fluid retention, increasing appetite and body fat redistribution.

Unwanted weight gain, while never a happy occurrence can be very detrimental in children with Muscular Dystrophy. The increase body weight becomes a burden on the already weak muscles, and this can obscure all benefits that can be gained by steroids.

Treatment induced excess weight gain can be prevented through a healthy diet regimen. This is not a diet to loose weigh, but rather a healthy way of eating that the whole family could benefit from.

In all healthy diets, it is important to have four meals per day and avoid multiple snacks or long fasting periods.

Foods to be included:

All vegetables especially leafy and green varieties

Raw vegetables salads

Fruits, especially those with edible skins

Whole grams and pulses, sprouted grams, dhals.

Lean meat, Chicken without skin, Fish & egg

Foods to be avoided:

Fast foods

Junk foods

Fry foods (Poori, Vadai)

Salty foods

Chocolates & milk sweets



Cheese, Butter, Ghee, Vanaspathi, Palm oil, Coconut oil

Nuts & oily seeds

Bakery products

Organ meats (Liver, Brain)

Shellfish (Prawns, Shrimp)

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Department of Nutrition Support Service Muscular Dystrophy - Sundaram Medical Foundation

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