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Since the time MDAI began in the year 2000, we have regularly had fun trips with the families and this is an event that the families look forward to every year. It is very difficult for families to take these children out as many children are non ambulant and in wheel chair. Others have difficulty in climbing stairs or are unable to get in to a public transport like a bus or train where in the steps are too high. Therefore many children and families do not get the opportunity to go out and have a break. Hence MDAI has been organizing this MDAI FUN DAY once or twice in a year. This event also gives us an opportunity to update the families on what is new in research and also to discuss with the families their concerns and share their views amongst themselves. All in all it is an important event every year in our calendar.

This year - 2008, the FUN DAY was organised at GRT Temple Bay at Mahabalipuram

on the 14th Dec 2008. Total of 48 children with one or two parents took part in the fun day. The entire trip was well planned and well organised.

The trip started from Dr.MGR Janaki ammal women's college, Adyar, Chennai in two buses and one van (from Jeeven Technologies) at 9.00 am. All the children and parent were provided breakfast in the bus itself. The Fun day venue was reached at 10.30 am, where everyone was received by cartoon characters and welcome drink. All the children were given welcome gifts also.

After a short time of relaxation, all the children started painting the cars which is meant for CAR RACE which will be happening in the evening. While the children are painting the cars, they also had face painting and hand painting done. Parents also had games during this time. After the car painting finished, the cars were allowed to dry. Then the children had fun games till noon.

Little after noon, everyone had delicious lunch with a great menu. Following lunch children were given a short time for relaxation to enjoy the breeze on the beach.

Then there was a great show of Ventriloquism by "Venki – The Monkey Show" done by Mr.Venkat. All the children and the families enjoyed the show very much since Mr.venkat, interacted with the kids and the families freely.

By evening, In the presence of the chief guests Dr.G.Kumerasan, Prof of Neurology and Mr.Sriram, Head of HR department, Cognizant Technology Solutions, the most expected and exciting event "The CAR RACE" was conducted by Mr.Anand one of the parents / volunteers. This car race event is enjoyed every year by the families a lot and in the end all the children were given "gifts" / presents by the chief guests. Tea and snacks was also served during this time.

By the dawn, after a short gap for refreshment, there was wonderful entertainment given by Mr.Mayilsami and Mr.King kong both well known comedians. All the children and parents enjoyed the program and laughed to their hearts content.

The MDAI Fun day 2008 came to end with mouth watering dinner. All the person who part in the fun day started off not only with their stomach full with a wonderful dinner but also with ever green and sweet memories in their mind.

All in all the MDA fun day 2008 was a big success and brought big smiles from all the children and the families. With that children left with a very happy mood but the MDAI members left the place with a little bit of trepidation as they need to organize an even better FUN DAY in 2009. We are happy that all this was done free for the families and children through the generous contributions of many philanthropists who have contributed varying amounts. We in MDA India will for ever remain grateful to all the philanthropists who come forward willingly to help us make the lives of these families much more meaningful and worthwhile.

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