Publications in internationally indexed journals

  • Feb - 2018
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  • Nov - 2017
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  • Aug - 2017
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  • Nov - 2016
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  • Oct 2015
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  • Jan 2015
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  • Aug 2014
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  • Aug 2013
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  • May 2013
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  • Feb 2011
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  • Apr 2008
  • Randomized double-blind controlled study to compare efficacy and tolerability of standard daily prednisone regime with a novel intermittent high dose regime in ambulant boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Escolar, DM, McDonald, C, Viswanathan, V, Korenberg, AJ, Bertorini, TE, Nevo, Y, Lotze, TE, Ryan, M, Clemens, PR, Monasterio, E, Leshner, RT , Pestronk, A, Morgenroth, LP, Zimmerman, A, Arrieta, A, Abresh, T, Henricson, E, Mayhew, J, Florence, JM; Duong, T, Hu, F, Nei, L, McCarter, R, Connolly, A, and the CINRG group presented at the American Academy of Neurology Conference in April 2008.


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