Myocon 2012

Chennai - January 21st and 22nd 2012

MYOCON 2012 with Dr.Pratap Reddy chairman of Apollo Hospitals and British High commissioner

Pratap Reddy emphasizes the role of research, innovation in muscular dystrophy treatment

Clinical excellence must be matched with equal emphasis on research and education, Prathap Reddy, chairman, Apollo Hospitals, said here on Saturday.

Speaking at the inaugural of Myocon 2012, organized by the Muscular Dystrophy Association of India (MDA), Dr. Reddy said that the importance of research could not be overemphasized particularly when it came to treatment and diagnosis of muscular dystrophy, an evolving area.

In fact, research and innovation is going to be the mantra in this sector particularly, he said.

Medicine was a peculiar area, where on one side, the whole game plan had changed, leading to dramatic diagnostic methods and radical treatments while on the other hand, there were areas such as muscular dystrophy in which much headway had not been made.

There has to be better clarification of the disease and thrust on diagnosis, and if the latter is done first, that will be half the battle won, Dr. Reddy said.

He congratulated the Association for bringing together on a platform, not only scientists but also donors, parents and people with muscular dystrophy, so that steps could be made towards better treatment modalities.

He honoured the grandparents of Siddharth Manimaran, in whose memory the oration was delivered by Eric Hoffman of the Children's National Medical Centre, Washington DC. He spoke on ‘Translational Research in Neuro-muscular disease: Past, Present and Future.'

V. Viswanathan, founder, MDA, introduced the speaker.

Myocon 2012 is the first international conference focussing on neuro-muscular disorders organised by the MDA, bringing to Chennai experts and leaders in the field from France, United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and India.

Mike Nithavrianakis, British Deputy High Commissioner in South India, said an Indo British Health Initiative was started recently, as a collaborative venture between healthcare professionals of both nations, in order that a rich exchange of information, research and ideas could take place.

The National Health System of the UK would not be what it is, but for the contributions of several Indian doctors, he said.

The High Commission would be glad to provide support towards achieving some of the resolutions at the conclusion of the conference.

Arjun Das, senior neurologist and chairman of Madras Neuro Trust, stressed the urgency of setting up a genetic testing lab for diagnosing muscular dystrophy.

He urged Dr. Reddy and Apollo Hospitals, to take measures to realise this dream of neurologists and parents of children with the condition.

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